Andy Stein (guitar)

Music is my passion. The world changes when I play my guitar. Everything is smoothed out, and everything is great. I’ve always enjoyed playing the guitar without a plan. It was my favorite thing to do. Sometimes it is fluid, warm, and easy. Other times I get sweaty and enjoy the challenge. Growing up, I did it in my bedroom with Ami and INHOUSE in solo shows, and sometimes with Acoustic Remedy at shows. It has its own sound, which those who have known me can recognize from all corners of the country and the world. Many times I have received the greatest compliment, “I knew it was yours” or “that sounds just like you.” It’s what I have always aimed for, rather than sounding like another artist (regardless how great they may be). My own CD, “Strings of Consciousness”, was just released. It’s a labor of love. A CD that features all instrumental and improvisatory music. It was recorded in collaboration with many musicians at various studios. Two tracks were recorded in New York City by Fred Shehadi, my friend and incredible guitarist at Crystal Clear Music Studios. One of the tracks is recorded by ex-INHOUSE bandmates Steve (the Stu) Williams, on drums, and Mike Hill, on bass. I wanted to record my guitar with only two percussionists. It was a challenge so I called Bill Meredith, who I have played with many times in INHOUSE, Jason Colannino and Acoustic Remedy, and asked him, also known as Steve Kornicks (a percussionist from Miami), to come to the studio to record a few takes. My friend Steve Jones (guitar), was willing to try something improvisational. I was so impressed by the results that I asked Stephanie Krowka (bass), of Acoustic Remedy, to come to the studio to record. Corey Dwyer, of Crazy Fingers, recorded great music for these two groups at Dream Factory Studios in Boynton Beach. Since then, I have set up and started recording my next project. My website is open to all of you. Let me know what you think of the music, or stop by to listen, breathe, and say hi. Next is a collection of ten songs with vocals that I have written over the past few years. I also wrote a couple for INHOUSE and hope to get the original musicians to join me on this project. Although the wheels are slow, I expect to finish this project by the end 2008 and look forward to hearing it. Okay, now I have some background information. As a teenager, I played in various bands from New Jersey to New York City, including Ami (with Jeff Scios), Rabbit Ears with John Kruth, and The Dan Bruder Band (with Dan Scios, Jeff Scios and Howie Meyer). We were able to open for Huey Lewis and Nils Lofgrin, and Bruce Springsteen came along to see us play at Clarence Clemons Club in Red Bank. Max Weinberg also joined us at our local bar. He played CBGB’s and The Bitter End, Folk City and Max’s Kansas City. It was great fun, with all the problems that it brings. After moving to Florida, I stopped playing public for about 1-2 years. When I began playing again, it was with Steve Jones, a friend at a local bar/restaurant. Frank, a friend and fan of Steve’s, told me about a new band that was looking for a guitarist while I was sitting in his chair. The band was called INHOUSE. I was invited to join the band and Gin and Evi Weintraub and Phil Kalasz, Steve Williams, and Steve Williams spent five years touring all over. We released three CDs, Five Wooden chairs, The Beautiful Soup, and Waking Juliet. Managers, record labels, opening acts for acts such as Ziggy Marley and Peter Frampton, Widespread Panic. Ani DiFranco was also involved in the production of these CD’s, Five Wooden Chairs, The Beautiful Soup, Fleetwood Mac, Fleetwood Mac, Fleetwood Mac, Fleetwood Mac, Fleetwood Mac, Fleetwood Mac, and many other artists, including Rob Thomas. We were still performing with Tabitha’s Secret who we were nominated for the Florida Jammy Awards. For three years, we played Palm Beach County’s Sunfest. We were the first act to be asked to perform on the main stage. We also performed a Warped tour and Lilith Fair shows as well as college circuit shows. Musical legend Tom Dowd recorded us live. We did radio interviews, received a bit of radio airplay, had a lot of fun, a lot stress, and not enough money. I played drums with Steve Williams during this period. Bill Meredith was my drummer. I began playing duos alongside Jason Colannino, who I met while playing with the band and had been playing shows in South Florida for many years. We performed local duo shows and worked on original music. It also developed into full-band shows (again, with Bill), including another SunFest show. Jason’s amazing CD Piece Of The Sun featured me as a guitarist. Jason and I kept playing shows, but I also reconnected with a friend, Steve Jones, and began playing shows with him. Acoustic Remedy was born when the three of us performed a St Patrick’s Day concert at Paddy Mac’s. For more than a full year, we played around South Florida. Jason decided to pursue his own career, performing solo, duo, and full-band shows. I occasionally join him. Stephanie Krowka, a bass player and a talented singer has joined Steve and me. For the past few years, we have been playing to great audiences at many venues around the region. Our calendar is available at and at Visit us. You can even listen to us. There are many classic songs, great music and great vocals. Don’t forget to request an original, as we all have one. As I mentioned, I enjoy playing without a plan. Be sure to look out for shows that feature this style and support the original music that I love. It’s not easy to learn, but that’s the good news. You should be open to those familiar songs as well. I get great joy playing them and they are a lot of fun to hum. Okay, I’ll stop now, but I love music and will continue to do so. from

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