Andy Zimmerman

Andy Zimmerman, a Chicago musician, has been performing and writing music for more than twenty years. His music is contemplative and quiet, but bristling with quiet energy, lyricism and composition. Half Light, his debut album on Newvelle Records, features Dave Douglas, Kevin Hays and Matt Penman. It has received a lot of critical acclaim. Marc Phillips, a music critic, commented that Andy’s introverted approach is charmingly out of tune with current trends. It’s evident that his improvisations come from emotions and personal experiences rather then a desire to demonstrate his skills on the tenor sax. Andy is a part of an ongoing project that he does with Jack Zimmerman, a renowned storyteller and winner of the Meier Foundation Artistic Achievement Award. They have worked together on five stories and music that they have performed in Chicago. Andy appears on Frank Kimbrough’s new album, Meantime. It was the first issue of the newly-formed Newvelle Records. Meantime was only available on vinyl and received critical acclaim including Nate Chinen’s review in The New York Times. from

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