Anette Von Eichel

The voice is the first instrument in jazz, and jazz is a language. The voice is able to create bridges between the melody and the story each song wishes to tell. It is performing the musical dialogue within itself, and everyone who sings should have something. Anette von Eichel is a remarkable voice. Her low, throaty voice has a warm tone, and her vocals are clear and transparent in higher registers. She sings and is a musician. She also writes lyrics and songs. Anette von Eichel sings classics of jazz as Kenny Whellers Foxy Trot. She also plays originals and collaborates with other musicians to create space for them. The band’s sound is strong and transparent, with Eichel’s vocal improvisations being expressive and demanding. The band’s latest CD, “Get Out Now”, was featured in the series “Next Generation” of German Jazz magazine, “Jazzthing”. John Taylor, a british pianist, in his linernotes to ‘,Get Out Now”. Anette von Eichel uses Anette von Eichel’s attractive and flexible voice for this creative selection of contemporary music. Her instrument has been integrated well within a group that includes many talented soloists, who are each given the opportunity to express their individuality. Anette’s compositions and lyrics give the recording a unique touch. The band’s versatility and musical goals are evident in the range of material, from the intimate ‘Mediation’ song to the more challenging ‘Foxy Trot. Anette is now the founder of Deujazz, a Cologne-based quartet that includes trumpetplayer Matthias Schriefl. Deujazz mixes old-fashioned German swing songs in an anarchistic new way. This music meets the magic that radiates from it in a surprising way. The lyrics combine ironic allusions, double entendre and a plea for freedom and peace. The melodies are accompanied by a powerful emotional force. It is charming, solemn and gloomy at points, but it is also fresh and bold. Sometimes, the singer treats her voice as an instrument. The trumpet-player creates chordal harmony by using different plungers, as well as playing the melodica and flugelhorn. The rhythm section creates a strong, yet challenging fundament for the soloists. Deujazz has been a musical marvel since the days of Lance Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald. Its brilliant musical dialogue between man and woman, human voice, trumpet, melancholy, and cheekiness is unmatched. It will be easy to believe that the music was composed just yesterday for these two creatively different and technically brilliant artists. The atmosphere is captivating from the very beginning. You’ll wonder after the last song if it is over. Press “Anette von Eischel has something only a handful of singers can claim. A personal artistic profile and a voice that you won’t find in any other. You rarely see this voice’s natural beauty. (RheinĀ­Pfalz April 2005) “An Intone of rarely heard transparency, her own lyrics, and a very personal swing feel are the trumpcards which strike from bar 1. Music-check: Very good!” (Stereo Mai 2004) “Anette Von Eichel’s distinctive and flexible voice blends warmth, clear intonation and transparency with expression. Her voice is used as an instrument to create a cohesive and transparent sounding unity in improvising interaction. (Jazzpodium Oktober 2004) “A lot tension and release. Art that doesn’t need styling. Anette von Eichel’s new CD is called “Get Out Now”, and it is indeed a coming out! (KStA, Juni 2004) .. bio by

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