Anne Drummond

Anne Drummond is a flutist, pianist and composer. She also teaches improvisational music. Since 1997, she has performed internationally. In 2006, she began writing for chamber groups in North America and Europe. She has been performing frequently with Lew Soloff’s spirited sextet. Drummond is a strong researcher in cognitive neuroscience, especially improvisation. She currently collaborates with cognitive neuroscience researchers to study the effects musical improvisation has on the brain. Drummond is also interested in the biological basis for creativity as well as the relationship between music education, neuroplasticity and music education. Drummond is a master instructor for aspiring flutists and was recommended by Powell flutes. She has been an adjunct professor in composition at The New School for seven years. She also coached at Manhattan School of Music, adjudicated solo competitions and led seminars at both the high school level and the college level. Drummond joined the San Antonio research imaging institute’s lab of Dr. Donald Robin in June 2013. from

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