Anthony Braxton

Anthony Braxton, born June 4, 1945, has redefined American music’s boundaries for over 40 years. He drew on his lifelong influences, including jazz saxophonists Warne Mars and Albert Ayler, American composers John Cage, Charles Ives, and the pioneering European Avant-Garde figures Karlheinz Stockhausen, Iannis Zenakis, to create a unique musical system that combines many genres and traditions while defying categorizing. His varied career encompasses hundreds of recordings, performances around the globe with other legends and younger musicians, as well as an influential legacy of educator and author of scholarly writings. He also has an avid international fan base that supports and documents everything. His vast work ranges from his pioneering solo performance in the 1960’s to his more recent experiments on Arista Records (in the 1970’s), his quartet of landmark recordings in the 1980’s, and his most recent efforts, including his Trillium operas cycle for 100 tubas and Sonic Genome Project, which is an installation-based piece for 100 tubas. from

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