Anthony Coleman

Anthony Coleman, born August 30, 1955, is an American musician. Coleman is an American musician, pianist and keyboard player. He was also a trombonist, singer and trombonist who mainly worked in the downtown New York avant-garde and free improvised jazz scenes from the late 1970s to the present. His greatest contribution was made during the 80s and 1990s, when he collaborated with John Zorn, a rising avant-garde star, on seminal works like Cobra, Kristallnacht and The Big Gundown. This collaboration helped to bring modern Jewish music into 21st century. Coleman began studying piano with Jaki byard at the age of thirteen. He studied at the New England Conservatory with Donald Martino, George Russell and Malcolm Peyton. Coleman has worked with many musicians over the years, including Elliott Sharp, Dave Douglas, Guy Klucevsek, Elliott Sharp, and Roy Nathanson, saxophonist and trumpeter. Coleman’s solo and original compositions reflect his exploration of Jewish culture and musics. In the 1990s, his groups Sephardic Tingle and Selfhaters explored the rich and exuberant musical heritage of the Jewish community. They also darkly spoke out against the deplorable state of Diaspora minorities. Sephardic Tingle have toured extensively throughout the world, including Europe three times. Coleman’s Disco by Night, a work that was inspired by his trip to Yugoslavia with his family, is his first major solo album. It was released by Japan’s Avant in 1992. Tzadik Records also released Shmutsige Magnaten in 2006, where he performed the songs of Mordechai Gebirtig (a Yiddish folk singer who was a Holocaust victim). It was recorded live in Krakow’s oldest synagogue, just a few blocks from Gebirtig’s birthplace, during the 2005 Krakow Jewish Music Festival. His duo albums, The Coming Great Millennium and Lobster, were recorded live at midnight in the oldest synagogue of Krakow, Poland.

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