Antonella Chionna

Antonella Chionna was born on November 20, 1990. She is an italian writer, performer, and singer. Since childhood, she has been a classical dancer and trained in theathers. She also developed a deep appreciation for classical music. At seventeen years old, she began singing professionally as a singer. She has recorded and performed with many artists from around the globe. At twelve years old, she began training as a professional musician. She was influenced by jazz, classical music, and opera. She developed her vocal technique for more than fiveeen years, earning a bachelor’s degree in Jazz Voice with Gianna Montecalvo at the Conservatory “Nino Rota”, Monopoli (IT). She was also a student at the Conservatory “Nino Rota” in Monopoli (IT) of Judy Niemack, one of Europe’s most prominent jazz educators and pioneers of vocal jazz education. At twenty-two, she released her debut album “Adiafora”, (Koine Dodicilune), in 2013. Antonella began studying improvisation, composition, and repertoire in the same year. She received a master’s degree with high honors in Jazz Music in 2015. The final master’s thesis, “Halfway To Dawn – A Song of Billy Strayhorn”, was published the same year by Dodicilune as an exclusive monograph devoted to the music of Billy Strayhorn during the centenary year. It received positive reviews and received enthusiastic feedback from Walter van de Leur, one of the most respected musicologists in Strayhorn’s music. Other vocal performances by Chionna are documented in the musical anthologies Hunger and Love – tribute to Billie Holiday (1915 –2015), Dodicilune (2015), Music Live I giovani per i giovani and Tips di Steve Lacy – feat. Gianni Lenoci – Vittorio Gallo, live recording – December 2015 at Casa del Jazz – Rome (IT); Ismez Onlus (2016). She is a poet and writer. Her classical education was the foundation of her studies. This combined highly specialized readings in the literary tradition with the search for new expressions. In 2009, she earned a high school diploma in classical studies. She is a passionate reader and has studied contemporary literature as a self-taught. This includes meeting prominent members of the Italian poetic literature, such as Maurizio Cucchi (Valentino Magrelli), Antonio Riccardi, Andrea Leone. Franco Buffoni e Franco Loi. Two books of poetry she has published are Epifanie baritonali (Lupo 2012) and Poghenos(Lietocolle 2014). Numerous other poetical works by Chionna are documented and discussed in the following literary anthologies. Quadernario – almanacco di poesia contemporanea (Lietocolle 2015); Le Gazze diattente (Secop edizioni 2016, 2016). Antonella Chionna began teaching modern singing when she was eighteen. She has been a vocal coach for over a decade and developed a personal view of the voice. This vision is directly connected to her discography, her stage work, and her academic and intellectual backgrounds. Demonstrating how a great technique, improvisational knowledges and deep listening are key ingredients to becoming a valued artist. from

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