Arkadijus Gotesmanas (arkady Gotesman)

RISING & STUDYING Arkadi Gotesman was born in Ukraine in 1959. As a child he moved with his family to Tula, Russia where he studied accordion at the music school, then oboe and bassoon at the music college. Arkadi also was a pupil of the local orchestra for 5 years. While playing there he decided to switch from reeds to drums. In 1979 Arkadi Gotesman transferred to Vilnius and completed his studies as a percussionist at the Vilnius Conservatoire. PLAYING & RECORDING Right from the arrival in Vilnius Arkadi Gotesman had deeply integrated into Lithuanian jazz and contemporary music society. His first professional employment was in the popular Trimitas orchestra and group (also known as Oktava) led by Mindaugas Tamošiūnas, where he spent 9 years from 1980 to 1989. Trimitas was one of the best ensembles in the Soviet Union, so they had a chance to play all around the globe – from Scandinavia to Africa, from Cuba to Mongolia. During late 80’s Arkadi Gotesman was a member of Gintautas Abarius Trio and recorded a couple of mainstream jazz albums with the band and singer Marina Granovskaja. In 1989 he joined forces with renowned Lithuanian saxophonist Petras Vyšniauskas to create duet PetrArka. Together they recorded album “Lithuania” (the first national jazz album released on CD) and participated in many prestigious European jazz festivals. After a long break PetrArka has started to perform again in 2003. From 1993 to 1995 Arkadi Gotesman lived in Israel. There he worked with world famous composer and pianist Vyacheslav (Slava) Ganelin from Vilnius and other Israeli musicians, but hadn’t lost his close contact with the Lithuanian jazz scene. Simultaneous activity in both countries gave birth to the idea of uniting Petras Vyšniauskas, Slava Ganelin and himself into Alliance Trio. Their triumphant appearance at the Vilnius Jazz Festival in 1993 declared solidarity and continuity between two generations of Vilnius jazz musicians and was a glorious homecoming of a legendary co-founder of Ganelin Tarasov Chekasin Trio. Alliance returned to Lithuania once again in 1995 with a series of concerts “Alliance No.1” incorporating appearances of famous Greece dancer Anastasia Lyra and classical singer Vladimiras Prudnikovas. Some recordings from this tour were released as “Trio Alliance” album on Leo Records in 1998. Another prominent project was European Lucero Duo formed with famous composer and multimedia artist Horattiu Radulesku from Paris. He composed some percussion music for Arkadi and recorded sound effects for the performance. Since 1996 Arkadi Gotesman is a percussionist of the best Lithuanian fusion ensemble Dainius Pulauskas Sextet. Dainius Pulauskas Sextet is one of the most active bands on the domestic jazz market with 3 albums released including acknowledged “Autumn Suite” released by Litus Agency in 1999. Ars Baltica was a unique project formed for the Lithuania presentation at Expo 2000. Arkadi Gotesman was invited to play with one of the best contemporary Lithuanian composers Anatolijus Šenderovas and world famous cellist David Geringas also originating from Vilnius. “Songs of Sulamite” performed by Gotesman, Geringas and accordionist Geir Draugsvoll can be heard on Anatolijus Šenderovas album “Concerto in Do” released by Dreyer Gaido in 2002. Arkadi Gotesman also played on Šenderovas’ oratory “Shma Israel” alongside Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra, Choir Ažuoliukas and American cantor Joseph Malovany. Recently Arkadi Gotesman mostly concentrates on his individual projects. His first solo album “J. Brodsky In Memoriam” self-released in 2003 was inspired by poetry and dedicated to the memory of the great poet Joseph Brodsky. COMPOSING & PERFORMING For many years Arkadi Gotesman composes contemporary pieces for drums as well as music for theatre and movies. He even had a bit part as a klezmer musician in Werner Herzog’s “Invincible”. The first Arkadi Gotesman theatre project was a musical adaptation of Stefan Zweig’s “Letter from an Unknown Woman” in 1996. He masterminded, composed and performed all music to a play “At the Station in the Town of N” based on the poetry of Wislawa Szymborska in 1999. Live drumming of Gotesman plays a significant and meaningful role in the acclaimed production of Sophocles’ “Oedipus Rex” staged by Oskaras Koršunovas Theatre in 2002. Arkadi Gotesman creates interesting experimental performances and installations. The most important was “The Soloing Faces” installation performed on the opening of Vilnius Jazz Festival in 2000 with St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra conducted by Donatas Katkus. Arkadi constantly cooperates with the known artists Audrius Gražys, Tadas Gutauskas and Linas Liandsbergis. He performs contemporary music pieces of Šarūnas Nakas, Gintaras Sodeika and other Lithuanian composers, accompanies various modern dance productions and workshops. LEARNING & TEACHING During his quite long professional career Arkadi Gotesman had a chance to work and learn from many excellent musicians. He collaborated with such prominent artists as David Geringas (cello), John Zorn (sax), Dave Douglas (trumpet), Petras Vyšniauskas (sax), Vyacheslav Ganelin (piano), Vladimir Volkov (bass), Kaspar Tranberg (cornet), Changuito (perc), Los Van Van Orchestra, classical singers Vladimiras Prudnikovas (bass), Judita Leitaitė (mezzosoprano), Joseph Malovani (cantor) just to mention the best known. Nowadays Arkadi Gotesman is a teacher himself. He teaches drums and percussion at the faculty of Popular music of Vilnius Conservatoire (a part of Vilnius College from 2003/2004). © 2003 David Bluvstein from

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