Arne Domnérus

Sven Arne Domnerus, 20 December 1924 – 2 Sept 2008 was a Swedish jazz clarinetist and alto saxophonist. He was popularly known as Dompan. His recordings with American musicians such as Clifford Brown, Clifford Brown and Art Farmer were his most prominent achievements. Charlie Parker also played with Domnerus during his 1950 tour of Sweden. Domnerus was a member of the Swedish Radio Big Band between 1956 and 1978. He also wrote for television and movies during that time. Bengt Hallberg was also a frequent collaborator. He was accompanied by Rolf Ericson, Ake Persson, and Bengt-Arne Hallin, fellow Swedes, at the Jazz Workshops in Recklinghausen, organized by Hans Gertberg, a Hamburg radio station. from

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