ASFORMATION – Arkadiusz Suchara founded the band in 2010. This group of musicians is made up of experienced musicians from many genres, including folk music, jazz music and guitar groups. ASFORMATION is a demonstration of the power and versatility of instrumental music. It’s a lively mix of rock improvisation and jazz that resonates through the audience with great power. It is a powerful example of how music made with passion can have a huge impact and great potential. “Bajlandia”, an album that focuses on diversity, instrumental virtuosity, and most importantly, sincerity in music, is for everyone. Even though pages were filled with fast action, musicians didn’t forget to give listeners time to reflect. Arkadiusz Suchara collaborated with many artists, including Krzesimir Deski, Mietek Sczesniak and Joe Torres. Michal Zarych Multiinstrumentalist, mainly keyboardist, pianist, organist, composer, arranger and producer. He graduated from Lodz Music Academy and was involved in various productions, including theatrical, advertising, and vocal-instrumental. He co-operated with FeelOut, Blue Jammp, ,,No Wlasnie” cabaret, Freshbeat, Jacek Bala project, Jarecki, Grubson, Andrzej Dyszak, Andrzej Bychowski, Dariusz Stachura, Jackek Kotlarski, Katarzyna Sobczyk. Roman Odoj – guitarist, lecturer at the Mlodziezowe Studium Muzyki Rozrywkowej (Olesno) He was a guitarist, composer, and producer.

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