Astral Project

Astral Project has been delighting audiences all over the globe for more than 30 years with its unique blend of cutting-edge improvisation and near telepathic interaction over deep New Orleans grooves. Tony Dagradi, a young, energetic player from the Crescent City, set out to shape jazz’ future. Dagradi, a dedicated student of Eastern philosophy and a band member, created the name to reflect the group’s search for higher levels of experience. Every concert is filled with these men striving for the stars, as everyone who has been there knows. The personnel has remained relatively constant over the years. John Vidacovich, the master drummer, continues to control the rhythmic flow and ebb of the music in the best way he can. He is a brilliant soloist and an extremely sensitive accompanist. His playing has a command of dynamics and distinctive melodic accents. James Singleton, the bass player, is an energy conduit. This innovative group’s improvisational strength is based on Singleton’s solid rhythmic concepts and harmonic sense. Steve Masakowski is a revered guitarist and composer who has been around for a long time. A generation of guitarists has been influenced by his unique seven-string instrument. Tony Dagradi, who plays on both the tenor and soprano alto saxophones brings an emotional urgency each solo. His soaring lines and huge tone reflect the whole tradition of jazz, and continue to propel the band forward. from

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