Asuka Kakitani

Asuka Kakitani, a Japanese-born jazz composer and arranger, founded the Asuka Kakitani Jazz Orchestra, an 18-piece band that includes some of New York City’s most renowned musicians, including John O’Gallagher (John O’Gallagher), Jason Rigby (John O’Gallagher), John Bailey, John Bailey, John Bailey, John McCallagher, John O’Gallagher, John O’Gallagher, John McCallagher, John O’Gallagher, John O’Gallagher and John O’Gallagher), John O’Gallagher, John O’s, John O’s, John O’s, John O’Gallagher, John O’Gallagher), John O’Gala Kakitani, Jason Rigby, Jason Rigby, John O’s, John Bailey, John O’s, John O’Gala, John O’Gallagher, John O’Gallagher, John O’Gallagher and John O’Gallagher. AKJO has performed Asuka’s music at venues throughout New York City, including the Bowery Poetry Club and St. Peter’s Church. They also perform regularly at the Tea Lounge as part of the “Size Matters” large ensemble series. Recent awards include the Manny Albam Commission in 2007, and Composer Assistance Grants of the American Music Center for 2009 and 2010. AKJO recorded their debut album at Systems Two in Brooklyn, NY in June 2011. Asuka, a Japanese-American woman who was raised in Japan, moved to New York City in 2005. She was able discover her unique personality as she discovered jazz music and American culture. Asuka hopes to express her individuality through her music. Her unique blend of Japanese music and jazz music is a great way to celebrate each culture’s diversity. Many of her compositions are inspired by literature, art, and nature. This inspiration is captured in orchestrational color, melodic development, and extended through-composed forms. Asuka tries to balance her composed music and provide a platform for her highly creative soloists to be heard. AKJO performs some of her interpretations Japanese traditional children’s music. She “re-composes”, using many of the simple motives they have for thematic development, filtered through her unique melodic and harmonic concept. from

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