Atlantic Bridge

Atlantic Bridge, an early British fusion band released a self-titled instrumental album back in 1970. Although the musicians’ skills were impressive, the album was not as innovative as other fusion bands like Soft Machine. Their jazz roots were not compromised, with Jim Philip’s flute and saxes showing a clear John Coltrane influence. Mike McNaught, chief arranger, provided the most rock-oriented sound with his electric keyboard. The Beatles’ “MacArthur Park”, “Something” (and “Dear Prudence”) were all covered. This was a sign that McNaught wanted to appeal to pop and rock listeners. However, it is worth noting that such interpretations would have been less common in 1970 for a jazz-rock group than in the years ahead. Atlantic Bridge released a rare EP in 1971 with a rock-oriented sound, one song featuring female vocals. Get Back reissued the LP in 1999 with two bonus tracks from the EP.

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