Aubin Vanns

Aubin Vanns, a London-based guitarist. His mature, original improvisational style and melodic compositional style have earned him a good reputation. Jay Davis is the drummer and pianist of his own band, which includes Jay Davis, Jay Davis, Will Harris, and Alberto Palau, the bassist. He is currently a member of the original music groups They Will Flock, Lanterns. Aubin’s debut album as a leader of Opera was released in 2019. Aubin was recorded by Jana Vargova, Tom Neale and Matt Anderson (Rambling) in 2018. Aubin was the leader of his own trio, which performed at many venues including Sela Bar in Manchester, Leeds, Green Note in London, and Manchester Jazz Festival. Blue Ejder was his jazz/folk combo, which performed original music that was inspired by modern jazz and Scandinavian Folk Music. They performed at various venues in the UK and Sweden, including the Lescar and Manchester Jazz Festival. They were joined by Peter Janson, Pete Turner and Christina Schollin. Their debut album, “Songs to Poems By Karin Boye”, was recorded in 2014. It featured trumpeter Neil Yates. Aubin was a member of the Swedish folk group Mareld. Their repertoire included Swedish folk tunes as well as visa. Aubin moved to Sweden in 2013. Their fifth album, “And So it Goes …””, received positive reviews. Aubin is currently pursuing a master’s degree in jazz composition at the Royal Academy of Music, London. He is supported by Help Musicians UK. From

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