Audrey Ochoa

Audrey Ochoa, one of Edmonton’s most talented trombone players, plays Jazz, Rock, Pop Latin, Ska, and any other genre she can think of. Audrey’s debut album, “Trombone u0026 Other Delights”, was released in 2014. It spent several months on the!Earshot! Jazz Charts and eventually earned the #5 spot in the 2014 top 10. Audrey recently released her second album “Afterthought”, which she co-produced with her trio. Her original compositions were performed by Audrey and two Edmonton legends, Mike Lent (Dallas Budd) and Sandro Dominelli. Battery Poacher (Dallas Budd) will lend his mixing skills to the trio, adding sounds of hip hop, psychadelia and house to this otherwise basic trio of Trombone, Drums, and Bass. from

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