Axel Filip

Axel Filip is an arranger, composer, and drummer. Concerning his training, during his Cordoba beginnings, he was awarded two scholarships for the Cordoba Jazz Camp. He graduated from the Jazz School at Manuel de Falla Conservatory. There he was also selected to participate in intensive workshops with Ben Goldberg (American clarinetist) and Marilyn Crispell (pianist and composer). He was invited to the 2016 BA Jazz Festival’s ensemble workshops, which were commanded by Juan Cruz de Urquiza. He attended a two-week workshop at School for Improvisation Music in Brooklyn (NYC) in August 2017. There he studied with Ralph Alessi and Kris Davis, as well as Gerald Cleaver and Drew Gress. He also trained with Chiche Heger and Fernando Martinez. He also studied with Guillermo Klein and Sergio Verdinelli. He has recorded and/or played with Fred Selva. Participate in 2020/21 4-month seminars about the music of Astor Piazzolla. You will be performing the seminar on drums in modern Tango provided by Daniel Pipi and Nicolas Guerschberg. The Instituto Universitario Patagonico de las Artes organized the seminar. He is a composer and arranger and in July 2019, he released “The Secret Balance of Things”, his first album as a leader/composer under the US label ears.

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