Ayn Inserto Jazz Orchestra

The Ayn inserto Jazz Orchestra (AIJO), a Boston-based full-band big band, has performed at venues like the Berklee Performance Center and The Zeitgeist Gallery/Lily Pad. They have also performed at the Western Front Club, Jazz at Lincoln Center Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola, and the Berklee Performance Center. The group performs original arrangements and arrangements by Ayn Inserto who is heavily influenced by Jim McNeely, Maria Schneider, and Bob Brookmeyer. Two recordings have been made by the jazz orchestra: one with Bob Brookmeyer, George Garzone and the second with George Garzone. Her music is sung with a modern twist by Ms. Inserto and her orchestra will deliver a riveting performance. Allan Chase, Rick Stone and Kelly Roberge are saxes/woodwinds. Kelly Roberge, Mark Zaleski and Kathy Olson Trumpets include Jeff Claassen (piano), Bill Jones (tenor sax), Dan Rosenthal, Dan Rosenthal, Tyler Small Trombones: Garo Sarahydarian, Randy Pingrey; Jennifer Wharton, Bass Trombones; Dan Blacksberg, trombone; Joe Moffett, trumpet; Richie Bari sax); Jeri sax), sax., trombone), Jason Camelio, Jason Camelio, Jason Camelio, s, trombone), Jason Camelio, sa, and Jerry Sabatinio, the trombone, Jason Camelio tom, sa, sa, Jason Camelio, sa, trombones, sa, sa, sa, sa, sa, sa, sa, sa, Jer http://ayninserto.com

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