Ayre Rayde

Ayre Rayde, a native of Capitol Heights in Prince George’s County Maryland, was known for being Maryland’s first Go Go band. This helped to establish the Spencer family’s position as Maryland’s first Go Go family. The original members of the band were Lionel Perry and Adrian “Egg”, Norton, Tim Evans and Donald “Doc” Spencer. “Shorty” Quinn Robinson and Kevin Wheeler also played. Melvin and Jay Taylor served as managers. Ayre Rayde rose to prominence with the 1985 hit “Sock It to Me”, when some of their original members left and others joined. The group’s former members have been in a number of successful bands since then. Spencer shares: “Adrian “Egg”, Norton plays in a Jazz band called Phaze II. Keith Exum plays for Ebenezer. Kevin Wheeler plays with Divine Messengers. Clarence’Boolah’ Roper played with Ledsi. He passed away in August 2007. Go-Go Mickey is an icon playing with Rare Essence and Chucky Thompson is a very successful producer now.” from http://thehowardtheatre.com

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