Azmari was created in Brussels in 2015. It is a musical journey that blends psychfunk, dub, ethiojazz, and afrobeat. Azmari draws on many influences, including Temiz and John Berberian as well as Cymande, Cymande and The Heliocentrics. The Azmari sound developed quickly due to a shared love of African and oriental music as well as dub and funk. They also took on new musical influences as they traveled along their spiritual journey, including Arabic sounds and melodies. The band was heavily influenced by Ethiopiques. Ten days of performing in Istanbul exposed them to Turkish rhythms and sounds from the 1960s. Infusing Turkish and Ethiopian scales with their own, the Azmari sound became a rebellious and unrelenting experience. The Azmari include: Arthur Ancion – Drums, Basile Bourtembourg-Keyboards, Jojo Demeijer-Percussion, Niels Dageleer-Bass, Jojo Demeijer-Percussion, Jojo Demeijer-Percussion, Jojo Demeijer-Percussion, Jojo Demejer – Percussion and Matteo Badet-Saxophone. Ambroos de Schepper -Saxophone.

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