Azymuth, a trio of electric funk jazz musicians from Rio de Janeiro Brazil, is called “Azymuth”. The members of Azymuth are Jose Roberto Bertrami on keyboards, Alex Malheiros on bass, guitars and Ivan Conti on drums, percussion. They were formed in 1972. Their music is called “Samba Doido”, meaning “Crazy Samba”. They released numerous albums for Milestone Records from 1979 to 1989. Since then, they have continued to release albums for different labels. In 1979, they had a huge hit with “Jazz Carnival”. They have been touring Europe since the 1990s and have released albums on London’s Far Out Recordings. Azymuth has also produced albums, while their artists have been involved with many other projects throughout the years. These include an album by Ana Mazzotti (Brazil singer), and Equilibria (2006), which was recorded by Alex Malheiros and Sabrina Malheiros, the daughter of Malheiros. Many of Azymuth songs have been rewritten by many artists and musicians since the introduction of the remix. Many electronic acts, including Jazzanova, have remixed Azymuth’s songs. Studio albums * 1975. Azimuth (2CD reissued on Far Out Recordings). * 1977. Linha Do Horizonte. * 1978. Aguia Nao Come Mosca. * 1979. Outubro (Black Sun). * 1980. Outubro (Black Sun). * 1993. Tudo Bem. (Intima). * 1995. Before We Forget. * 2000. Partido Novo. * 2004. Brazilian Soul. * * Isis. * 1979. Dear Prelude.

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