Balázs Elemér Group

Elemer Balazs Group-The Elemer Balazs Group is one of Hungary’s most well-known jazz bands. It was established in 2000 by Elemer Balazs who is a jazz drummer with international fame. This band is made up of highly-qualified jazz musicians and has had great success at home (e.g. Fonogram Prize in 2005) and continues to grow its popularity through outstanding performances at prestigious European Jazz Festivals (e.g. Vienna, London and Berlin. The Group created a unique, melodious sound that is characterized by unusual rhythmic patterns and a fascinating texture thanks to the tonal contrast between the male and female lead vocals. Their spirited blend of jazz and folk-music from the region makes their music extremely versatile. This is ethno-jazz at it’s best, influenced by highly diverse musical cultures. The four albums that the Group has released so far are filled with this variety. Each album creates its own musical world, creating a unique atmosphere. The music of Elemer Balazs Group can be enjoyed in any situation or mood, according to critics. Their last album featured Hungarian folk songs, which they infused with their own unique groove. Their forthcoming album will include their own interpretations and renditions of Renaissance tunes. “Elemer is a great drummer. Elemer plays with musicality and finesse. He has the ability to hear the music and make spontaneous decisions that allow everyone who plays with him to sound their very best. He has an amazing touch on the instruments. I always enjoy having the opportunity to play with him. Elemer Balazs, a Pat Metheny member, has been a key figure in Hungarian jazz for 15 years as both a drummer as well as a composer. He has also been the leader of his own groups since 1995. He was a member of No-Spa and the pillar of Trio Midnight. He is also the Creative Art Ensemble’s permanent drummer. He has performed at many international festivals including Perugia and Nuremberg, Zurich. Munich, Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Tallin, and he has also worked with Stepko Gutt, Jukka Perko. Stephane Belmondo has also been a part of the Creative Art Ensemble’s permanent drummer. Elemer Balazs’s solo music career can be divided into two periods. He released three CDs with his trio and quintet: Fly bird 1995, My New Way 1997, and Always That Moment 2000. This was his first release on the BMC label and was awarded the “Hungarian Jazz album of the year” award by Gramofon magazine. Since 2002, he has been the leader and founder of the Elemer Balazs Group. The same year, their debut album Around the World was released. Marton Soos I was a Budapest native in 1982. I learned to play the vilolin in the Jardanyi Pa Music School’s elementary school. At the age of 16, I switched to bass guitar. One year later, I started playing double bass. Attila kiss was my first teacher. In 2000, I received the Postas Cultural Centre’s best musician special award. In 2000, I was also admitted to the Jazz Faculty at the Liszt Ferenc Music Academy. Here I had the opportunity to learn from Balazs Berkes. In 2004, I received my diploma. As a stand-in musician, I was able to play in the Balazs Elemer Group for the first time in 2003. In January 2007, I joined the Group. It is also where I play in the Olah Szabolcs Quartet as well as in the Just In Time group. I was also able to perform with Bela Sakcsi, Bela Lakatos Jr. and Bela Szakcsi Lekatos Jr. as well as Gabor Juhasz. Laszlo Des, Kornel Fekete Kovacs and Laszlo Des. Jozsef Balazs is one of the best pianists in the younger generation of jazz musicians. He made his debut on his brother’s album My new way. He has performed with Stephane Belmondo (Bob Watson), Robin Eubanks and Charlie Mariano, among others. He was awarded second prize in the Jazz Pianist Competition, named after Gabor Balogh Fursti. In addition, he was voted “best soloist” at Krakow Jazz Juniors Competition. He was awarded the “Lakatos-Ablakos Jazz Performer Bourse” in 2007. He has been the band’s main mover since the founding of the Elemer Balazs Group, along with his brother. He is not only a jazz orchastrator, but he has also been a successful musician in popular music. David Lamm was created in Budapest on February 2, 1978. In 1993, he began his musical studies. He continued his studies at the Kobanya Zenei Studio as a student under Gyula Babos. He was accepted to the Ferenc Liszt Academy Of Music in 1999. He graduated in 2004. He was a partaker of the hungarian musical community during his Academy years. He has played in many musical styles as a guitarist. He played the blues on Tamas’ Spo-Dee-O-Dee in 2001, and with Koala, traditional reggae music. With Linda Kovacs Quartet, they play contemporary jazz. In HaGesher, he focuses his efforts to ethno-jazz. In Sandant, he sings and plays trip-hop. He played and arranged Agnes SZaloki’s Teli-Nyari Laboda (2004), and Lament (2006), the latter with Jozsef Balazs and Andras Des. As guitarist and arranger, he is also featured on Caramel’s most recent album. In April 2004, he formed his own band, The David Lamm Quintet, with Gabor Weisz and Erno Hock. He plays original compositions here. He joined Elemer Balazs Group in January 2006. Jozsef Cibere I was born 1977 in Hajduboszormeny, east side of hungury. I began my percussion lessons at the local music school when I was 11. I also studied with Laszlo Sándor face-to-face courses. After I moved to the capital, I received my first pair congas. I was a member of The Eichinger and Wei Wu Wei bands. In 2001, I was a member of Klari Katona’s group. The next year, I was a session player in the LGT (the most well-known hungarian group). In 2003, I moved to the UK and was a teacher in an elementary school and a music class for school-age children. Victor Davis, my London bandmate, introduced me to Japan and I’ve been in every country in Europe and japan with him. In 2006, I returned to Budapest. Since 2008, I have been the BEG’s percussionist. Gabor Winand, a Hungarian jazz singer who is known for his distinctive voice, is probably the most frequently employed. He was a member of the ESP Group and was a guest musician at Trio Stendhal for two seasons. He also played with Gabor Gado’s Joy, Brass Age and Gyorgy Vukan’s CAE trio, Class Jazz Band and the Bosambo Trio. You can often hear him singing and playing Cuban jazz with Elsa Valle. Gado’s debut album Corners of my mind, which was composed by him, was chosen by Jazzman reviewers as the record of 2002. 2003 will see the release of his second CD. Hajdu Klara was a jazz singer for five years in Szeged. For three years, she studied at the Jazz Department of the Music Conservatory. She won the solo voice category in the SONY MUSIC Talent competition in 2001 and was third overall. She was one of 16 top-singers in the Hungarian TV2 Megastar Competition. She just graduated from the Jazz Department of Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music. from

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