Barbara Bruckmüller

Although I was born in Vienna, Austria in 1975, I was already heavily influenced by Hollywood-Jazz as a child. However, it was a long time before I realized my true love of Jazz. I began playing the piano in a local music school at the age of seven. After a long pause and a brief career as a bookeller, I finally enrolled at the age 23 to become a jazzpiano student under Paul Urbanek. I graduated in 2004. When asked about my idol, I wouldn’t say a pianist but a Hollywood composer such as Henry Mancini or Lalo Schifrin, or a leader of a big band such as Gil Evans, Thad Lewis, Mel Lewis, Thad Jones, Gil Evans, Thad, Thad, or Count Basie. I adore the sound and so I just founded my own Big Band (BBBB) from

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