Bastian Stein

Bastian Stein began studying classical trumpet at the University for Classical Music, Vienna in his 15th year. He began his studies at the University for Classical Music in Vienna and then moved to Amsterdam’s Jazz Department. Bastian earned his master’s degree from Vienna, where he lived and worked till 2013. Bastian was awarded the Hans Koller scholarship in 2006 to New York, where he was mentored by many renowned musicians. Bastian returned to the United States and began working with several groups, including Joris Duli Sextet (Vienna Jazz Orchestra), NuRandom. Fagner Wesely Quartet and Martin Reiter Quartet. In 2012, he released “Grounded”, his debut album with Double Moon Records. He released his debut album “Grounded” in 2012 with Double Moon Records under the name of the “Bastian Stein Group” (feat. Stein’s second album, “Diegesis”, was released by Pirouet Records. It features Pablo Held (tenor saxophone), Matthias Pichler (double bass) and Tobias Backhaus (drums). Bastian relocated to Germany in 2013 and formed his quartet with Johannes Enders (tenor Saxophone), Phil Donkin, (double bass) u0026 James Maddren (drums). Pirouet Records will release the quartet’s new album, “Viktor”, in 2016. He is also involved in many other projects, including concerts with Joshua Redman and Avishai Cohen as well as WDR Big Band members Richie Beirach, Richie Beirach, Richie Beirach, and Diane Reeves. Bastian has been teaching Jazz Trumpet since 2014 at the University of Stuttgart. from

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