Beat Funktion

The all-Swedish, hip, ultra-funky, stylish and all-Swedish Jazz-funk Sextet Beat Funktion pays tribute to early ’70s groove, soul, jazz, disco, and afrobeat jazz. Their live performances and dance floors are filled with a vibrant ’70s sound, featuring first-rate jazz soloists and intricate arrangements. Beat Funktion was founded in 2007 by Daniel Lantz, a jazz pianist, composer and arranger. He has also been the producer and sound engineer. Beat Funktion is stocked with some of the best Swedish jazz soloists like Johan Oijen, Olle Thunstrom and Karl Olandersson. On occasion, the band welcomes percussionists. They combine jazz improvisation with commercial music such as rock, pop, and reggae musically. This has allowed their music to reach a wide range of listeners from different genres. Their debut album, The Plunge (2010), was highly praised by jazz, soul, and DJ reviewers around the world. Their second album, Moon Town (2013), received rave reviews in the US and continued to be among the top 10 jazz radio charts for 15 weeks. It charted among the Top 5 on the Canadian jazz radio charts, and briefly made it into the US JazzWeek charts. Beat Funktion’s third album Voodooland, Beat Funktion’s second, was also released by P-Vine, the legendary Japanese funk-label. This limited edition quickly gained a cult following among Japanese DJs as well as groove collectors. The funky collector’s item was released in the US in spring 2014. It not only lasted 16 weeks but also climbed to #1 for three consecutive weeks over major labels and artists. For eight weeks it was among the top ten Canadian charts. The band’s fourth album, Mandy’s Secret is now available for worldwide release. This coincides with the band’s first US tour. This riveting album, which features ten new compositions by Daniel Lantz and high production values from Mats Bjorke (pianist from Mando Diao fame), is one of the band’s best. It will appeal to all jazz lovers, groove aficionados, and funky dancers. The album includes 5 music videos and Live At Fasching (Beat Funktion’s first concert DVD). Beat Funktion’s chief composer Daniel Lantz is currently sketching on their fifth album, preliminary titled Olympus, whose music is themed on legends and characters of Greek mythology, to be recorded in early January 2015. from

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