Beck Hunters

Although it’s been quite some time since Beck released a trio album, The Hunt Is On clearly shows why threesomes are his favorite way to create dynamic music and performance. This is Beck’s first release, a refreshing blend of styles and generations that combines Beck’s power and experience with the younger and more talented Hunter brothers. They can easily play free music and jazz and even venture into the wild west or middle Europe. The group was founded 18 months ago. It immediately attracted the attention of critics as well as audiences. “… truly mind-blowing. They range from a cardiac arrest to an epileptic fit to a nervous breakdown. They are very tight and could easily fall apart, but they manage to regain their rhythm quickly. There is some jaw-dropping guitar work and Mick is a maestro on the saxophone, the music oscillating between anger and desolation.” – Rob Aldam, Now Then Magazine Oct 2013 from

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