Bei Bei & Shawn Lee

Bei Bei the Guzheng, which is more than 2000 years old, belongs to the Asian long-zither family. It was used for folk and court music in ancient China. Bei Bei fell in love with the 5-foot-tall, 1 foot wide, 21-stringed Chinese instrument from the first moment she saw it. She received her professional musical training at both the Central University of Nationalities, Beijing, China, and the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Hong Kong. Fullerton College in California also taught her Jazz music and improvisation. Bei Bei has a deep roots in classical music, but she expands her musical palette to include other genres. She often collaborates with musicians from various genres like jazz, alternative, electronica and hip-hop. She has won many international and national awards. She and her music were featured in Michael Bakan’s American college textbook, “World Music”. LA Weekly Magazine named her one of the Most Interesting People in Los Angeles in 2015. She was a studio musician and recorded for Sci-fi Channel’s Battlestar Galactica (Tian Yu ). She was a composer and performed music for China Central TV’s documentary series “Dun Huang” and the Chinese movie “Copycat”. Also, for Canon’s web promo video “Tiger’s Heart”, she composed and performed. In 2006, she released her debut album, “Quiet Your mind and Listen”, and in 2008, her album (Universal Music) “Heart of China” with Richard Horowtiz. Ubiquity Records released her last album, “Into The Wind”, in collaboration with Shawn Lee. She is an author and educator. She has published two books, “Gu Zheng Sessions Vol. 1” and “Bei Bei’s Easiest Guzheng Course Book 1”, with accompanying CDs and videos. She is also the director of Lotus Bud Guzheng Academy, Orange County California. Shawn Lee Shawn Lee, one of the most prolific musicians his generation. A multi-instrumentalist, producer, singer songwriter, composer and Radio DJ who has released 35 albums as an artist to date. He has produced, played and written hundreds of records. A diverse array of artists have worked with him, including Jeff Buckley and Saint Etienne, Money Mark. Darondo, Adrian Younge. Tony Joe White, Robbie Williams. Incognito. Lee’s music has been extensively used in film and television.

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