Ben Besiakov

Ben Besiakov – Danish pianist – b. October 27 1956 in Copenhagen. Jens Winther’s JAZZPAR Group feat. Al Foster at The 1991 Event. Perform with Eddie Gomez, Jakob Dinesen and Nasheet Waits at the 2004 JAZZPAR Event. Ben Besiakov was a primary school student who received lessons in trumpet, flute, and guitar. He met Kasper Winding, Mikkel Nordso and Aske Bentzon, and they formed Buki Yamaz in 1972. They were inspired by Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix, and Carlos Santana. As a teenager, Ben began playing in the Copenhagen Club La Fontaine jam sessions with Dexter Gordon, Johnny Griffin and Finn Ziegler. Many great American jazz musicians visited Copenhagen in the 1960s and 1970s. Jazz Club Montmartre Ben Besiakov met Ben Webster, a legendary Danish jazz musician who had lived in Denmark for many decades. Besiakov visited Ben Webster often in Copenhagen, where they played music together, listened to records and chatted about music. Besiakov’s musical talents were confirmed in 1969 when he played his first professional gig in Montmartre as a pianist. He has been a professional keyboard and piano player since 1971 with Joe Henderson and Al Foster. Ben Besiakov shows his natural energy in Latin American music and modal jazz, as well as classical bebop. More than 100 recordings have been recorded by him, five as leader/co-leader. He has toured the USA, Brazil, Spain, Russia, Russia, and Scandinavia. Besiakov was awarded The Ben Webster Award in 1990 and The JASA Award in 1992. From

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