Benjamim Taubkin

Brazilian music was the perfect setting for this arranger, composer, producer, and musician. Benjamim Taubkin began his studies at 18 years old. He soon became a full-time professional and worked in major plays like Opera do Malandro, 39 of Flavio Rangl, and contemporary dance studios such as Clarisse Abujamra, Klaus Viana, and Ruth Rachou. He was inspired by his desire to play jazz and bossa Nova, and he performed at music venues in Sao Paulo. He released his first album A Terra e o Espaco Dochto in 1997. It contains only original themes. The CD won two of Brazil’s most prestigious awards: Sharp and Movimento. He has performed in many musical formations, from solo work to symphonic orchestras. He has performed with many renowned artists, including Marcos Suzano and Banda Savana as well as Rafael Rabello, Zizipossi, Moacir, Santos, Paulo Moura. Monica Salmaso and Hermeto Paschoal. His current projects include the Latin American collective America Contemporanea and the Orquestra Popular de Camara. He also directs the choro ensemble Moderna Tradicao. As an arranger and musician, he has been involved in the following projects: Samwad-Rua do Encontro, Jobim Sinfonico and Samwad-Rua do Encontro which promotes dialogue between Brazil, India, and Milagrimas which celebrates the encounter with South Africa. He recorded his second album in solo at Fazioli Salon in New York, which is one of the most prominent piano houses today. Adventure Music will release the album in the USA, and Nucleo Contemporaneo in Brazil. Benjamim has performed at important festivals and venues, including The Vortex Jazz Club in London and Ruta Del Cister in Spain, with this album. He was also invited to Austria as a composer and instrumentalist for Krems in 2009. Benjamim has been the director of Nucleo Contemporaneo since 1997. It is an independent label and producer that focuses on Brazilian instrumental music. Benjamim has traveled extensively in South and Central America to learn more about the music production of these countries and to foster dialogue and exchange. Benjamim has been a musician and producer on more than 130 albums, as well as directing over 500 concerts. He is also the curator of Mercado Cultural da Bahia which is a platform that focuses on Brazilian and Latin American music, and ELA – Encontro Latino Americano which provides a forum for discussing the future directions for latin music. Benjamim serves on the board of the European Forum for Worldwide Music Festivals (2008) – 2010. He also participates in many conferences and meetings around world. Among the most important festivals and venues where he performed, are: Joe’s Pub, Disney Hall, e Fazioli Salon (USA), Teatro Amadeo Roldan (Cuba); Orquestra do Rio Infinito (Costa Rica and Nicaragua); Festival Internacional de Jazz de Punta del Este, Oficina de Musica Brasileira na Universidade de Montevideo (Uruguay); Festival Rudolstadt, Massala Festival e Radio WDR (Germany), Festival Glatt und Verkehrt (Austria), Auditori Barcelona and the festivals Etnosur, Kesse, La Garrida and Ruta del Cister (Spain); The Vortex Jazz Club (UK); Sfinks (Belgium); Opera de Paris (France); Festival Timitar (Morocco); Festival III Delphic Games (Korea); and Oficina de Musica de Curtiba, do Festival Instrumental da Bahia, Sabara Instrumental, Festa da Musica e Musica na Pampulha, Festival de Jazz de Guaramiranga, Projeto Preludios da Primavera, Olinda Jazz Festival e MIMO – Mostra Internacional de Musica em Olinda, Auditorio Ibirapuera, TUSP, Galeria Olido, SESCs, Centro Cultural Sao Paulo, Casa de Francisca, Memorial da America Latina, Sampa Jazz, Virada Cultural da cidade e do estado, Festival de Choro no Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (Brazil). from

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