Benn Clatworthy

Born in Hastings, 1955, and raised in south London by Gertrude Lawrence, Benn Clatworthy, a tenor saxophonist, learned lessons from Ronnie Scott at the age of nineteen. Scott recommended him to Berklee College of Music in Boston. Clatworthy, who is now a Los Angeles resident, has been a frequent in Los Angeles clubs for over two decades and has performed with such artists as Cedar Walton and Lionel Hampton. His most recent recording, Let’s Face the Music, (Maestro 2000) epitomizes his approach. “If you’re not affecting emotion, music has no value.” BEN CLATWORTHY, a modern jazz tenor player, is an impressive talent who was first brought to our attention by Ronnie Scott. Ben, a British resident, is now a major talent in California. Brit BennClatworthy’s Bow Bells speech may have been little affected by twenty years living in Los Angeles, but his tenor-sax playing has accumulated strong US characteristics.” John Fordham Benn Clatworthy, a fixture in Los Angeles clubs since 1980, was heavily influenced in the late-’50s John Coltrane’s music. However, he would soften his tone and sound more like Warne Marshall with hints of Sonny Rollins. His 1990 Discovery release Thanks Horace was his debut on record. He also released While My Lady is Sleeping on his own label, featuring Cecilia Coleman as pianist. From

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