Beny Moré

Rory More, the UK’s most prominent exponent of vintage groove and rhythm organs, is reminiscent of 1960s Soho or clubland London. His Lowrey Heritage Deluxe organ, which he loves, allows him to play the full range of a black and white film soundtrack. This includes visceral rhythms and blues, moody cinematronics and upbeat bossa Nova. His recorded work has been featured on TV and film, and he has worked with major artists. Rory More’s organ is so beautiful, it’s almost too much to bear. This man has kept a moderate profile for the past decade, creating a sound that is both strangely odd and seductive. This sound is lost in the kinda places that only exist when they are thought about; it’s vaguely understandable moments buried in dusty celluloid. Or the magazine photo that shows the scene as it was. The uber-organtastic jazz loungsters Les Hommes – a retro modern jazz exotica trio that swung their ways around Europe in the 2000s – started it all. Rory More has been a pioneer in swingdom, releasing a series of highly collectible 12s. He also mixed with the under-the-radar crowd to become the organist of preference for international top acts. You’ll see him paired with Rumer in the startlingly lush sunshine folk-jazz pop combo Stereo Venus. This is an emotional tribute to the west coast’s super melodic grooves. from

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