Bern Nix

Bern Nix, an American jazz guitarist. From 1975 to 1987, he recorded and performed alongside Ornette Coleman. He was also a member of Coleman’s Prime Time band. Bern is regarded as one of the most important jazz guitarists today. He was voted by Down Beat magazine among the top ten jazz guitars. Since 1985, Nix has been the leader of the Bern Nix trio. The band released “Alarms and Excursions” in 1993. Many critics ranked the album among their top ten albums. Nix, a native of Toledo Ohio, taught guitar when he arrived in New York City. He graduated from the Berklee College of Music, and currently resides in New York. Nix has also appeared with James Chance and The Contortions, and is featured on their 1981 Live in New York album. He also performed with Jayne Cortez and the Contortions, Marc Ribot, Elliott Sharp and Jemeel moondoc. A solo album by Nix, Low Barometer (Tompkins Square Records), was released in September 2006. It became online in September 2006. A new Nix composition, “Les is More”, was released on “Art and Money”, a compilation by 1687, Inc., in 2006. The Bern Nix Quartet released “Negative Capability” in 2013.

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