Bernd Reiter

Born in Leoben, Austria, on 22.6.18282. First drum lessons were with Nik Wonisch, Bruck in 1988. From 2001 to 2007, Howard Curtis studied at the KUG Graz, where he was supervised by Christian Salfellner, Prof. Manfred Josel and Howard Curtis. He received a Master’s degree. Workshops with Billy Cobham and Bruno Castellucci, John Riley (Austria), Charli Persip and Jimmy Cobb, among others. Classical concerts: Haydnorchester Bruck/Mur and Innerberger Brass-Ensemble, as well as the Young Musicians International Symphony Orchestra (Igor Coretti). Jazz concerts: Charles Davis and Don Menza, Kirk Lightsey. Steve Grossman, Grant Stewart, Joe Magnarelli. Claudio Roditi. Dick Oatts. Gary Smulyan. Dusky Goykovich. John Marshall. Dmitry Baevsky. Joe Haider. Max Greger sen.

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