berserk |ber’zerk; -?’serk| – adjective frenzied, raving, wild, out of control, amok, on the rampage, frantic, crazy, raging, insane, out of one’s mind, hysterical, mad, crazed, maniacal, manic; informal–bananas, bonkers, nuts, loco, The first-ever collaboration between Italian bassist-composer Lorenzo Feliciati and Italian vocalist-multi-instrumentalist-sonic provocateur Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari (aka LEF) defies easy categorization as it awakens the senses. It can be darker than the Grim Reaper, heavier than the soundtrack to the Apocalypse and it can swing incessantly, wail sorrowfully, or flounder mysteriously. Is it rock? Is it rock? Does it sound like jazz? The music Feliciati u0026 Fornasari create together as Berserk is free of any tags. Their self-titled debut is a powerful manifesto. It is a stern warning against complacency. They brought in two Lorenzos to the core of the formidable collective: guitarist EivindAarset and trombonist Gianluca Pelella, as well as keyboardists Fabrizio Poglisi, Jamie Saft, and drummers Cristiano Cagnile, Pat Mastelotto, (Feliciati’s friend in Naked Truth), and Simone Cavina, to add spice and intrigue. from

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