Big Bad Wolf

OWEN DAWSON, ROB LUFT, MICHAEL DE SOZA, FENDER BASS VI, JAY DAVIS (DRUMS). Big Bad Wolf is a London-based band that features washy guitars, ambient vocals and deep grooves. This distinctive sound comes largely from Big Bad Wolf’s egalitarian approach to group composition where each member is present from conception through completion of each song. Each writing session begins with an open-ended group recording. They then listen back to the ideas, select the best and make them into concise and intricate pieces of music. Big Bad Wolf has a unique way of bridging the gap between improvised music, contemporary pop/rock, and improvisation. The four members of Big Bad Wolf have all studied jazz at the Royal Academy of Music as well as at Leeds College of Music. The band’s background in jazz allows them to push the boundaries of the genre and blur the lines. Each member brings a variety of influences to the table, including Radiohead, Bjork, and Bill Frisell. Since the band’s inception in 2014, the main focus has been on the instrument blend of the somewhat unconventional line-up (trombone and guitar, VI, and drums), and how to use that to create a unique, contemporary sound while still respecting the jazz tradition. Big Bad Wolf is a proud recipient of a Help Musicians UK Development Grant, funding from Grants For The Arts, and the ZealousX Music Category. from

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