Billy Eckstine

Billy Eckstine, born in Pittsburgh (PA) as William Clarence Eckstein. He lived from 8 July 1914 to 8 March 1993. After a club owner complained that the original spelling was too Jewish, Eckstine changed the spelling to Eckstine. Eckstine was an American jazz singer, bandleader, and guitarist who also played valve trombone and trumpet. He was also known briefly as Billy X. Stine. His nickname was Mr. B. He was best known for his singing abilities, but his willingness to try new music made him an influential figure in modern jazz, especially bebop. Many of the pioneers of this style were also employed by him. From 1939 to 1943, he sang with Earl Hines’ band. He then started his own band in 1944 to 1947. There were many rising jazz stars in the band, including: Saxophones; Gene Ammons and Dexter Gordon, Lucky Thompson, Charlie Parker, Wardell Grey, Budd Gray, Budd John, Leo Parker Trumpets. Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis. Kenny Dorham. Fats Navarro Drums. Art Blakey Singers. Lena Horne and Sarah Vaughan Eckstine formed an octet. Then, they went solo. They were both ad singer. His distinctive, deep baritone made him one the first African American singers to achieve mainstream success. He is the composer of “Jelly, Jelly”, the blues song that became a classic. He also recorded the R

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