Billy Kilson

Billy Kilson, like most drummers of his generation, began his career in the kitchen of his mother with her pots u0026 pans. As he grew, his love for drumming grew. To create a beat, pots and pans were used. His mother, Billy, recognizing his interest in music, enrolled him in trumpet lessons. Later, he switched to trombone. He continued to yearn for drums and received his first drum set for his sixteenth birthday. He had to maintain good grades in order to receive the gift. He fulfilled his promise and graduated with high honors. While pursuing his passion for drumming, he took every opportunity to do so. He immediately set to work on his drumming skills. He soon realized that he was working against time since professional musicians begin lessons in grade school on the instrument they choose and become semi-pros by high school. At the age of 16, Billy was just beginning his career. “I used to practice as many as 14 hours per day. It was hard work. I had to balance my studies with other responsibilities. However, I did my best to drum 14 hours a week through college and into the first years of college. Billy was able to learn many styles of playing. Inspiration by Ru0026B and Funk

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