Bingo Miki

Bingo Miki is a composer and bandleader who founded his Inner Galaxy Orchestra in 1978 after completing his composition and arranging studies at Berklee School of Music, Boston. After returning to Tokyo, he was involved in the film, television and theatre music competitions. Ten recordings have been made throughout the years that document the development and history IGO. Two of these recordings, “Scandinavian Suite”, and “Back To The Sea”, were awarded the Jazz Disk Award of Japan. Two performances by the Inner Galaxy Orchestra at the Montreux Jazz Festival, and the North Sea Festival were part of their touring history. The European press called the ensemble “Sensation From East”. The unique concept of the IGO’s leader, a synthesis between jazz and traditional Japanese culture, is what the audience loves about the IGO. The orchestra, which is composed of the best musicians from Tokyo, enhances the performance. You can also hear the sounds and smells of traditional Japanese instruments. In Los Angeles and London, the IGO Orchestra concept was demonstrated in both performance and recording. The orchestra also invited local musicians. Bingo Miki has built the Inner Galaxy Orchestra on this foundation. This Far East artist is adamant that he will not rest on his past successes and instead keep his eyes on the future. from

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