Black Art Jazz Collective

It’s easy to mistakenly interpret a name when it is tied to politics or racial identity. Black Art Jazz Collective was formed during a crucial period in Black identity in the arts, in the early 2010. It brings together an accomplished group of young African American musicians who feel it is important to celebrate Black culture in positive ways. Their music reflects the camaraderie among members who grew-up playing music together. Johnathan Blake, Wayne Escoffery, and Jeremy Pelt co-founded the Collective. The trio graduated from prestigious music programs in the Northeast. They quickly became leaders and indispensable members of jazz ensembles that were led by legendary musicians like Bobby Hutcherson and Wayne Shorter. Dwayne Burno was the first member of the trio. He was a great bassist who exemplified professionalism and loyalty to his friends. Burno, who was older than the rest of the group, had a profound influence on them all. James Burton III, a member of the school Curtis Fuller, J.J. Johnson, and another Jackie McLean alum, was also part of the ensemble. Xavier Davis is also a great pianist/composer. In April 2013, the Black Art Jazz Collective performed their first concert at Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola with Burno. His death in December of the same year was shocking and devastating for jazz, as well as the Collective. It would be difficult to find Burno’s replacement. Pelt suggested Vincente Archer to the group. Vincente was connected to all members and had been influenced by Burno. from

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