Black Cube Marriage

Black Cube Marriage is an unusual ensemble that includes Rob Mazurek, Chicago’s legendary sound manipulator, and improviser, and members of his Brazilian connection Sao Paolo Underground. Also, Austin-based freeform unit Marriage, and Jonathan Horne (guitar and saxophone) as well as special guests Steve Jansen and Steve Jansen. This 11-member ensemble, which was formed in the wake of two Austin, Texas shows in 2015, creates waves and sounds that can be best described as cathartic. Astral Cube draws on many styles and traditions. The result is a sonic explosion where past, present and east, south, organic, and electronic collide and is poured into unknown. There are traces of cosmic jazz, such as Don Cherry, Sun Ra, and Pharoah Sands. However, there is also abstract electronics and highly manipulated instruments, much like Autechre and Matmos. Sometimes the sounds this group creates conjures up images of lush nature, colorful wildlife, and ancient rituals. Other times, the glistening sound textures can evoke images of urban power lines buzzing or technology gone mad. It is a sacred, but highly futuristic sound. Powerful, unknown, surreal. It is a sonic explosion of light and energy. This is post-everything music psychedelia at its outer limits. Chicago’s maestro Rob Mazurek has led several prominent ensembles over the past two decades, including Chicago/London Underground and Sao Paulo Underground. He also directed Rob Mazurek/Emmett Kelley Alien Flower Sutra, Exploding Star Orchestra, and Chicago/London Underground. While Rob lived in Sao Paolo, he founded Sao Paolo Underground along with Guilhermo Granado and Mauricio Takara. They have explored a satisfying fusion of traditional Brazilian styles, such as bossa nova and tropicalia, with minimalism, electronics, jazz, and krautrock. They were able to release “Return The Tides” with Thomas Rohrer as Black Cube SP. Marriage is a five-piece band from Austin, Texas that has been collecting broken drums for years.

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