Blicher Hemmer Gadd

With 2-times Danish Grammy-winning saxophonist Michael Blicher, and Hammond-wizard Dan Hemmer, Steve Gadd is Drumlegend. To celebrate their mutual love of Hammond-organ jazz/soul, award winning saxophonist Michael Blicher and Hammond wizard Dan Hemmer joined forces with legendary drummer Steve Gadd in 2014. They have played over 50 shows around the globe and released two live albums. This is an opportunity to see the world’s most creative drummer perform his talents, performing the music he loves. This is pure music. Steve Gadd states, “No one plays like that anymore.” Their 2014 debut album, “Blicher Hemmer Gadd”, was released. Their latest album, “Omara”, came out on a 2018 tour that took them to Australia, Thailand and Hong Kong. Bio: “The drums have returned!” This is an odd statement coming from a drummer. This is how Steve Gadd feels while playing with Dan Hemmer and Michael Blicher in the band Blicher Hemmer Gadd. This is honest music. Steve Gadd states that no one plays like this anymore. He has been playing with Paul Simon, Steely Dan and Chick Corea for 50 years. Steve Gadd, along with Michael Blicher, the award-winning saxophonist and Dan Hemmer, the Hammond organ wizard, rediscovers the sound of the drums. Their interplay is filled with musical nerves and joy that excite even the world’s most revered drummer, at 73. Blicher Hemmer

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