Jean-Paul “Bluey” Maunick, INCOGNITO’s driving force, has released a stunning debut album entitled “Leap of Faith”, after 15 albums. This album features all the lead and backing vocals of this traditional singer (who has only sang on a few Incognito songs over the years). Most of the songs were co-written and produced by Richard Bull, one of his long-standing collaborators. They range from dance anthems to jazz to contemporary soul floor fillers like “Got To Allow My Feelings To Show”. Bluey says: “I’ve always felt at ease leading from behind – helping others to achieve their best and being a guide. The past year was the first year I felt compelled to share my innermost thoughts with “my musical autobiography”. “In Incognito, I am surrounded with amazing musicians and singers. It was important to find a place that allowed me to feel my voice and not be influenced by the band’s music. It was a matter of just jumping in…taking a leap. It features some amazing falsetto vocal performances, as well as a few standout house tracks like “Ain’t Nobody’s Business”, and “Why Did You Let You Go”, which were co-produced by Simon Grey and Ski Oakenfull. from

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