Bly De Blyant

Bly de Blyant’s debut album offers inspired, imaginative and rock-oriented music from a trio of improvisers made up of Norwegian drummer Oyvind Skarbo (1982, Hakon Kornstad, Tenor Battle), Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist Shahzad Ismaily (Marc Ribot, Will Oldham, John Zorn) and Icelandic guitarist Hilmar Jensson (Tyft, Jim Black, Trevor Dunn). The album ‘ABC’ is characterized by freedom and the desire for control. It features music that ranges from jazz, math rock, unexpected miniatures, and even a Prince cover. The album was recorded in Grieghallen Studio in Skarbo‚Äôs hometown of Bergen with Davide Bertolini, a technician. They were inspired by the old-fashioned way of recording music and decided to have all musicians recorded in one room. Personnel: Hilmar Jensson (bass, guitar, handclaps), Shahzad Ismaily (bass, drums, Moog, handclaps, organ, voice), Oyvind Skarbo (organ, drums, wood blocks, handclaps, voice, gongs, Moog, tambourine) from

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