Bo Diddley

Bo Diddley was born in 1928. He studied violin for many years before switching to guitar after hearing the music and lyrics of John Lee Hooker. In 1955, Diddley was awarded a record contract and reached the top 40 in 1956 with “Pretty Things”. Some of his most famous songs include “Who Do You Love”, “Mona”, and “Before You Accuse Me.” Diddley was also inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987. Singer, songwriter and musician. Bo Diddley was born Ellas (some reports call it Otha Ellas) December 30, 1928 in McComb, Mississippi. Bo Diddley was a pioneer in rock and roll music with his infectious rhythms, strong guitar playing, and great guitar technique. He was born in Chicago and sent to Chicago with Gussie McDaniel (one of his cousins). McDaniel adopted him, and he was given her last name. He studied violin for many years. After hearing the blues music of John Lee Hooker, Diddley switched to the guitar. Diddley went to vocational school and learned how to make guitars and violins. He eventually left. Diddley began playing on the streets and working odd jobs, eventually landing gigs at Chicago’s neighbor bars. He signed a recording deal with Checker in 1955. Checker was a subsidiary of Chess Records. He recorded his first rhythm and Blues album (R) that year.

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