Bob Gluck

Bob Gluck ( is a pianist, composer, writer, and rabbi. Four recordings were released by Gluck of music for jazz ensembles. Three of his electronic music recordings and two electroacoustic duo recordings are also available. Karl Ackerman (All About Jazz), wrote that Gluck’s work was “as a composer, player, and musician, Andrew Hill and Cecil Taylor.” Jazz Review described his previous FMR recording, “Returning,” with “an intensity, sensitivity, and spellbinding.” Gluck is the author of two books by University of Chicago Press: “You’ll know When You Get There” (2012) and “The Miles ‘Lost Quintet and other Revolutionary Ensembles (2016). Gluck has collaborated with Jane Ira Bloom and Michael Bisio as well as Christopher Dean Sullivan, Ken Filiano and Joe Giardullo. Gluck is a faculty member at the University at Albany. from

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