Bob Reynolds

Rarely does a saxophonist feel as at home in a jazz club as in an arena packed with rock fans is Bob Reynolds. Bob Reynolds is a rare and exceptional saxophonist. Reynolds spent many years touring the globe with John Mayer’s band and won new fans with his solos of crowd favorites such as “Vultures,” Wheel, “Gravity”, and “Covered in Rain”. You can also watch his YouTube performances and see hundreds upon hundreds of comments from fans. This is not a common occurrence for a saxophonist in a band. Reynolds’ partnership in Mayer’s band reminds us of Branford Marsalis’ collaborations in the 1980s. Mayer and Reynolds are both big fans of the band. Reynolds has recorded and performed alongside everyone, from Josh Groban, Usher and the Jonas Brothers, to Amos Lee and Willie Nelson, and Nellie McKay. Reynolds calls himself a “melody architect” who refuses to conform to conventional genre labels. Reynolds, a child of the 1980s, is influenced by many of his early influences, including Bruce Hornsby and Tears for Fears.

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