Bogdo Ula

Bogdo Ula began as a duo consisting of Samuli Kristian (guitar), and Ivan Horder, (drums). After years of improvising, recording and recording in their garage, the duo decided to move on to self-release their first album, From Distance to You (2008). They learned a lot about recording techniques and how old tube amplifiers work. This allowed them to record, mix, and master everything themselves. Bogdo Ula still uses this DIY approach to playing and it has been reflected in his “absolutely no” approach. Bogdo Ula was a duo that released three albums. Jean Ruin, the bass player for Bogdo Ula, joined Bogdo Ula’s summer 2010 lineup. This was a significant step forward. Jean Ruin, a great bass player, quickly adapted to Bogdo Ula’s “free” approach and gave Bogdo Ula a new direction. Six albums have been self-released by the trio. The vinyl-LP version of the fourth album by the trio, “The Return of the Sons of Ra”, was also available. Bogdo Ula’s focus was mainly on free improvisation before 2017. Bogdo Ula was inspired by John Coltrane who gave his band just two notes to create a new tune. Bogdo Ula tried to make music starting from a minimal point. Their music isn’t minimalistic. It is complex, emotional and full of meaning. Bogdo Ula was also inspired by Frank Zappa’s concept of instant compositions in his album “Shut up ‘n’Play Yer Guitar”. To allow the music to flow and have total freedom of expression. As a reward, to be able to communicate with anyone who is interested. Despite the fact that Bogdo Ula’s music isn’t mainstream, it is not the goal of the players to create “difficult music”. They just enjoy making the music they like to play, and it hopefully reaches the listener as well. Bogdo Ula’s music is unique, and it’s not like psychedelic or free jazz, but it still reflects the tradition. A musical idea can be a melody, scale, or guitar riff. It may also grow into a wild improvisation. Bogdo Ula’s sixth album, “Dangerous Landscape”, was released on August 10, 2017. This album sees Bogdo Ula take a trip to new territories. The guitar solos can be improvised, but there is no free improvisation. Songs on “Dangerous Landscape”, however, sound more like progressive or instrumental rock. This is something Bogdo Ula would not expect. These tunes can be danced to! Bogdo Ula, a mountain located near Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia, is called that. Bogdo Ula, for this band, is a state or place of mind. From where does the music originate? Is it from the outside or inside? It doesn’t matter. The answer is irrelevant. Music is something you can access no matter where you are. Visit

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