BOLT, a Boston-based quartet, has been working locally since 2011. It focuses exclusively on free improvisation. BOLT uses the unique timbral combination two stringed instruments, the lyricon (an analogue electronic wind synthesizer of the 1970s), and percussion to create a group sound that is somewhere between free jazz’s energy-orgies and electronic minimalist improv. BOLT’s expressive moments are reminiscent of Joe Maneri, Boston’s master of microtonal jazz improvisation. One could also hear the modern extension of the 1940s experiments using free improvisation from the Tristano school in the quieter moments. This recording was intentionally designed to provide a different listening experience than a live concert. These nineteen tracks were carefully selected from 36 improvised pieces that were recorded in the summer 2013. The random ordering of the pieces gives the listener a new perspective, giving it a more compositional and aleatoric feel. from

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