Bondesom, a brazilian music collective, was founded in Rio de Janeiro in 2002. The sound of the sextet, which includes Yuri Villar (soprano/tenor sax/flute), Matias Zimbacchi (percussion), Pedro Mann(bass), Antonio Guerra (“keyboards”), Pedro Silveira (guitar), Gabriel Guenther (“drums”), is a mixture of brazilian regional rhythms and latinjazz. Bondesom has already performed at the most prestigious venues in Rio, such as Fundicao Progresso, Circo Voador and Viradao Carioca. The group has released two albums featuring its own compositions, “Bondesom”, 2007, and “Procurando Lola”, 2011, which was made following crowndfunding. The third album, which is currently in preproduction, will be released later this year.

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