Akira Sakata – sax, clarinet, voice Jim O’Rourke – double bass Giovanni Di Domenico – piano, hohner pianet Tatsuhisa Yamamoto – drums Since the late 1960s, Akira Sakata has been a constant player in jazz and creative music scenes as an ever evolving and adventurous, multi-instrumentalist, and member of classic groups such as Yamashita Yosuke Trio, Sakata Trio, or recently Arashi. Jim O’Rourke has been a resident of Japan for eleven years. He has a rich background in playing in free improvisational settings, including collaborations with Keiji Haino and Fennesz as well as his pop/rock side (Gastr del Sol and magnificent solo works, and membership with Sonic Youth). He is playing upright bass for the Bonjintan Quartet, his first solo gig. In recent years, Tatsuhisa Yamamoto has been involved in many bands and projects, including tours outside of Japan with Di Domenico and with O’Rourke, Eiko Ishibashi and Kafka’s Ibiki. Yamamoto’s solo acoustic performance is a success in combining dynamism with melodicism and polyrhythm. He also combines volume with delicate technique. Giovanni Di Domenico, a Rome-based musician, has created a unique technique that incorporates non-western traditions into rhythm, harmony, and tone. He has recorded many projects with Sakata, O’Rourke. Visit

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