Bram Stadhouders

Bram Stadhouders (1987 Netherlands) is a well-known improvising musician. His music explores the boundaries between ambient, electronic music and free improvised Jazz using guitar and technology. The public continues to be impressed by his innovative approach to improvisation and composition. He has been performing on stage since he was eight years old. His repertoire includes classical, rock and jazz. Since 2007, he has created his own musical universe. He has released five CDs under his own label and toured all over Europe, The Netherlands, and the USA. He’s also involved in many side-projects. The Music Center Netherlands selected him as a Young Vip in 2008. This allowed his name and reputation to rapidly spread to his country. He was invited to play with some of the most talented improvisers in the world. Bram has enjoyed a long-standing relationship with Grzech Piotrowski, one of Poland’s most talented musicians. As a soloist, he is also a member of the World Orchestra. They have released a CD together on Challenge Records. He performed with Terje Isungset, a Norwegian musician who plays an ice guitar, at the North Sea Jazz Festival and in Norway. He formed a trio in 2010 with Sidsel Endresen, a highly influential Norwegian singer, and Jim Black, an American drummer. They played several concerts and released a CD. Bram was selected by John Surman and Serious in the UK to participate in Take5-Europe in 2011. He is the youngest winner of the North Sea Jazz Composition Assignment. Bram is constantly on a journey to discover new ways of developing his music. He’s also looking for different challenges and technology. Bram has performed in the Netherlands, North America (Poland), Russia, Poland, Germany and Russia as well as in Spain, Greece, Serbian Turkey, Slovakia, Slovenia. Slovakia, Slovenia. Hungary, Bulgaria with artists such As Onno Govaert. Per Oddvar Johansen. Eric van der Westen. Sanne van Hek. Haytham Safia. Wouter Jaspers. Lais. Nelson Veras. Hein van der Geyn. Matthieu Chazarenc.

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